Maritanko Italy, in order to offer a wide range of services to our valued Customers has just started the Spare Parts Delivery & Warehousing Service.

From now on, the Company will be able to process following customs documents:

  • Arrival / departure customs manifest;
  • Import & export documents, T1 , temporary import & export documents;
  • T2L, EUR1, ATR, DAE, DAT, CARNET TIR, Certificate of Origin;

The Company  owns in the port of Augusta a warehouse where is possible to store spare parts, packages , parcels , oil drums  etc. and will arrange collection, storage , customs operation and delivery on board to the vessels at very competitive prices;

The Company through its organisation arranges Airport collection and delivery service including customs operation to any ports/destination in Sicily;

The Company through its customs nework will be able to offer such service in Italy.

For any customs enquiries send an email to:

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